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Tour Musrhidabad

A Memorable & Short Trip To Murshidabad

Plan your “Short Trip” with your near and dear ones to visit the Historical places in Murshidabad, the then Capital of erstwhile Nawabs of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha.

The Historical Places

Include Hazarduari Palace (Museum), BadaImam Bada, DhupGhadi, Medina,Yellow (ZARAD) Mosque, Bachchey Wali Tope (CANON), (locatedin between Hazarduari Palace and Imam Bada)

 Wasif Manzil (New Palace), Dakshin (South) Gate (Darwaza), Siraj-Ud-Dowla Park, White Mosque, Pahar Bagan (Small Man Made Mountain) Banks Of River Bhagirathi (Ganga) with Motimahal / Sarsaria / Nawab / Chawk Ghat.

All these places are close by within a distance of 50 to 100 Meters.

Other Historical Places of importance are…

Tripoli / Chowk / Ambakhana / Power House & Rounaq Afza Gate,

Nasera Bano Masjid (Tomb of The Wife Of Alivardi Khan),

Tomb Of Azimun Nesa Begum, (Tomb Of Daughter Of Alivardi Khan) Jaffragunj Cemetry, Jaffargunj Miran’s Palace, Akhra, Nashipur Rajbari , House of Jagat Seth, Kathgola Bagan , Katra Masjid (Tomb of Nawab Alivardi Khan), Motijheel Park , Khush Bagh (Tomb of  Siraj-Ud-Dawla) (Across The  River Bhagirathi).

At a distance Cossim Bazar Rajbari, Azim Ganj, Rajbari & many more places to visit.


Murshidabad is situated 196 kms north of Kolkata, connected by Train from Sealdah & Howrah Railway Station & also by small Ships / Cruise / Motor Launch from Babu ghat /Princep ghat, Kolkata, Riverine route on river Hooghly / Bhagirathi (Ganga).

It is easily accessible by road journey also on NH-34, via Barasat, Boro Jagulia, Chakda, Ranaghat , Krishna Nagar , Berhampur. The other route is via Shaktigarh, Burdwan, Funti Sanko, Kuli, Kandi and Behrampur.



Thinking of the comfortable stay & keeping in mind to complete the touring of Historical Places in Murshidabad, we have selected an “Old Nawab Bari” called “NAWAB MAHAL“

This has been opened for the Guests & for this purpose 5 such spacious (fully A/C) rooms with finest modern bathroom fittings Geysers, Led Tv , Antique Lights, with other amenities and facilities have been earmarked for our Guests to make them feel the Nawabi Pulse in the soulful ambience to cherish the rich cultural heritage of Nawabi era .

Rooms / Living areas / Lobby / Garden area are properly illuminated. Rooms having beautiful interior decorations, Antique wooden furniture Sofas, Table, Mirrors (same as in Hazarduari).  will give you a true Nawabi Feel …

The spacious Lounge and airy balcony will again mesmerise you with the old and precious antique photo frame of some of the important Historical places of  Murshidabad.

Terrace has 3 different sides, is full of flower & uncommon / seasonal flower plants which will not only give a soothing affect to your eyes but to your soul & mind as well. One can have the glimpse the full view of famous Hazarduari Palaces (Museum), Bada Imam bada , Dhup Ghari , Medina etc.


(round dome) on the Terrace of Nawab Mahal is also a centre of attraction having plants all around with seating area beneath the dome. Music system fitted with box beneath the Gol Gumbadh also attracts the Guests with old instrumental songs / Rabindra Sangeet specially in the evening hours under the open sky which will take you for an emotional journey for few moments.

Garden & Mini Zoo

One can take a stroll in the lavish green & clean small garden to breathe and inhale fresh oxygen in a quiet and cosy ambience. One can hear the chirping sound of beautiful birds, parrots, Cockatoo, Pigeons, Badri, Love birds, Rabbits. Quack sound of Raj hans and sweet chirping sounds of bird will compel you to talk to the beautiful creatures of God in their line & length and rhythm.

Bawarchi Khana @ Nawabi Kitchen & Dining Hall (Khaney ka Kamra)

Nawabi Kitchen will welcome you with a varieties of delicious Nawabi Dishes which are of course mouth-watering and Appetizing.
Dinning Hall has a long Table with chairs of old times where 14/15 guests can eat together to their utmost satisfaction.
This apart we have also opened our Branch Hazarduari Family Restaurant in Murshidabad closely located to Nawab Mahal where our Guests can visit and have varieties of Nawabi delicacies (Dishes) as per their choice and taste to feel the true Nawabi Pulse and taste…
Guest can also place order from the Restaurant while relaxing in their rooms of Nawab Mahal. Our trained F&B staff will serve the food as ordered in the dining hall of the Nawab Mahal or in the room itself.

Hazarduari Palace, Murshidabad Overview

Spread over a massive area of 41 acres, the magnificence of Murshidabad’s Hazarduari Palace is second to none. This stunning structure spreads over a massive area of 41 acres on the Kila Nizamat campus, and its splendour is second to none. The breathtaking palace is located on the banks of River Bhagirathi and is famous for its grandeur. Tourists from all over the world flock this attraction every year to escape the present and get a glimpse of the Nawabi lifestyle. The name roughly translates to ‘a thousand doors’ as this palace is embellished with a thousand ornamental gateways. Out of these, 900 doors are real, and the rest are false doors which were built to confuse any intruders. The construction style of the palace is an amalgam of Italian and Greek architectural styles and is a great example of Murshidabad’s rich cultural heritage.

The palace is located on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi river within an enclosure called the Kila Nizamat. The perimeter of the palace also houses the Nizamat Imambara, Wasif Manzil, Bacchawali Tope and the Murshidabad Clock Tower.

In its earlier days, the palace was a regal mansion, but now it has been converted into a museum of priceless relics. Ranging from Siraj-ud-Daula’s prized swords to the vintage cars owned by the Nawabs, this destination has amassed the life and times of Mir Jafar’s dynasty.

Nizmat Imbambara, Murshidabad Overview

On the northern side of the palace lies The Nizamat Imambara, built in 1847 AD by Nawab Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah, son of Humayun Jah. The stunning mosque was built after the Imambara built by Siraj-ud-Doula got burnt down in a fire.

The mosque complex is known to be the biggest in Bengal, and maybe even India

Shopping in Murshidabad, Murshidabad Overview

An opportunity to shop in Murshidabad is perhaps too tempting to pass up on. Colored in the rich culture of Bengal, this city has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. Ranging from fine handicrafts to beautiful saris, you can find almost anything and everything in this destination. The brass and bell metal ware of this place is also quite popular and makes up for a great souvenir of this charming city.

The shopping experience in Murshidabad is unique. This destination is quite famous for its brassware and bell metal ware, so don’t forget to skim through the large collection present here. If traditional is the way for you to go, you can buy Bengali muslin and silk sarees here, which are gorgeous, to say the least.

Indulge your senses in the subtle textures of the ‘Jamdani’ variety of Bengali muslin cloth and clothing. Murshidabad also has a little something for gastronomy enthusiasts. Ranging from mouthwatering ‘sondesh’ to scrumptious ‘rosogullas’, you can find plenty of delicious traditional Bengali sweets in this destination.

Footi Mosque, Murshidabad Overview

Footi mosque was started by Nawab Sarfaraz Khan. It is located towards the east of the Hazarduari Palace, at Kumrapore. The mosque is believed to be the brainchild of Sarfaraz Khan alone.

The mosque could not be completed and is often rumored to have been built in one night

Wasif Manzil, Murshidabad Overview

This Palace was built by Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza Khan, Nawab of Murshidabad. Located at the south end of Hazarduari Palace, it is touted as the ‘new palace’ because it was built much later.

The palace is smaller but equally beautiful. In addition to the architecture, the numerous marble statues it houses are sure to catch your eye. The palace used to have an artificial hill and landscape on its side which got destroyed along with most of the palace in the earthquakes of 1867. The palace was restored, but the hill was never reconstructed

Moti Jheel, Murshidabad Overview

Motijheel used to comprise of a palace and a beautiful lake. The lake still survives, while the palace perished. Motijheel is one of the few places that reflects both Indian and British history.

This beautiful horseshoe shaped lake was excavated by Nawazesh Mohammad, the husband of the famous Ghasseti Begum. Motijheel later served as a residence for Lord Clive, Warren Hastings and a host of other important British Lords. Due to its affinity to the British officials, it popularly came to be known as ‘Company Bagh’. The only building still standing is the Mosque of Shahamat Jang

Madina, Murshidabad Overview

Madina is a small mosque between the Palace and the Imambara. It is one of the most sacred Muslim places in Bengal. Made to replicate Hazrat Muhammad’s tomb at Madina, the original mosque’s foundation had soil from Mecca, before it got destroyed in the fire. The one constructed later was built with pious soil from Karbala

The rooms of the mosque can house 700 Quran readers. Two minarets at the two ends of the mosque measuring 70 feet high, still exist. The architectural layout of this mosque is a rectangular plan. It has been divided into five inlets, each with a curved entrance and the central one is the most noticeable one as it has a lean steeple. The mosque has five domes, each of them used by a solo Namaz reader.

Khosh Bagh, Murshidabad Overview

The beautiful, near 8 acre, garden area is actually a cemetery. It has the grave of Nawab Alivardi Khan along with Alivardi’s Mother, Siraj-ud-Doula, his wife Lutfannesha and other members of the Nawab family.

KathGola, Murshidabad Overview

Located a few kilometers off Murshidabad, this palace complex, built originally to entertain European and Muslim guests during trade visits, is a marvel of its own.

The pace Kathgola (wood war house) acquires its name from the lumbre yard that used to be functional in the area before the palace was built. Built ahead of its times, the place is more than just a palace. The palace, endless gardens, ponds, a temple devoted to Adinath and a statue of michealangelo are few of the marvels you’ll see here

Katra Mosque, Murshidabad Overview

Another striking tourist spot of Murshidabad and perhaps one of the most well maintained too, Katra Mosque was built in 1724 by Murad Farash Khan, a devoted follower of Murshid Quli Khan.

The mosque is also a tomb of Quli Khan who is buried under the flight of stairs comprising the entrance to the mosque from the eastern end. It is believed that the mosque was built after Murshid Quli Khan expressed his desire to be buried in a mosque

Jafarganj Cemetery, Murshidabad Overview

Located about a mile from Hazarduari Palace is the Jafarganj Complex. Mir Jafar originally built his palace in this three and a half acre land. But now the place serves as a cemetery for Mir Jafar and many family members of his.

Mir Jafar’s father Syud Ahmed Nazafi, Alivardi Khan’s sister, Shahkhanum, Mir Jafar’s widows, Munni Begam and Babbu Begam are some of the important people buried in the area. The picturesque white cemetery fills you with the grim feeling of death as well as the splendor of the bygone ages all at once

Jahan Kosha Cannon, Murshidabad Overview

Jahan Kosha is a kilometer off Katra. Janardan Karmakar of Dhaka, a small craftsman at the time, built this imposing cannon. The 7 ton Cannon literally menas ‘the Destroyer of the World’.

In addition to the 18 feet tall cannon, another attraction is the beautiful Kadam Sharif Mosque which contains the replica of the footprint of Hazrat Mohammad, the prophet


One can visit the Historical Places in the old Nawabi Capital of Murshidabad by having a comfortable and enjoyable ride on Ghora Gari (EKKA/TAMTAM). This is chargeable and can be arranged locally. We have our own Tourist and Tour Guide who can accompany our in-house guests to the important Historical Places. Touring can be arranged in such a way as per the time suitability & convenience of the Guests, which will cover almost all the places depending upon the days of staying of guest with us.

Nawab Mahal is located centrally from most of the important Historical places.

50 to 100 mtrs away from Nawab Mahal

Hazarduari Palace , Bada Imam Bada, Dhup Ghadi, Medina, Bachchey Wali Tope, Yellow Mosque,Ganga Ghats, Pahar Bagan, Dakshin Gate, Siraj-Ud-Dowla Park, Tripoli Gate, Tomb of Wife of Alivardi Khan.

1 to 3 kms away from Nawab Mahal

Kath Gola Bagan, Nashipur Rajbari, House of Jagat Seth, Akhra, Jaffragunj Cemetery, House of  Miran Jaffragung , Tomb of Azimun Nessa d/o Alivardi Khan, Katra Mosque Tomb of Nawab Alivardi Khan, Moti Jheel Park, Khush Bagh Tomb  of  Siraj-Ud-Dowla (Across The River) .

One can visit these places by hiring TOTO (ECO FRIENDLY), by own vehicle or by any other means of transport available. We also arrange Antique Royal Fitten Ghora Gadi (Chargable) for our in-house guest which can accommodate 4/5 persons at a time for visit to those places.

Nawab Mahal is an old Royal House where Nawabs and Begums once resided. Presently descendants of Nawab live there. This Nawab Mahal is situated 2 kms away from Murshidabad Railway Station within the jurisdiction of Murshidabad Police Station, Murshidabad Municipality and Murshidabad Head post office in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Booking / Reservation of Nawab Mahal

We are just one call away from you. You can book the limited available Rooms in Nawab Mahal by calling us or by sending us mail at the following numbers / ids. Room can be made available on first come, first serve basis on a very reasonable rate. We assure you to make your visit to Murshidabad with your loved ones more memorable, meaningful to cherish with by providing Nawabi Hospitality , Nawabi Khana  , Nawabi accommodation i.e totally, “Nawabiana” in Nawab Mahal, Murshidabad.

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